Our Mission


Legacy Financial Advisors, Inc. has evolved into a comprehensive wealth management firm since the founders began in November 1974.

As owners of Legacy Financial Advisors, Inc., Paul and Linda Mauro are proud to be celebrating over 47 years of financial services with their home office in Worcester County. Our staff of professionals have hundreds of years of experience helping businesses and families, averaging an age of 47 years old. We pride ourselves on the multigenerational approach to team management in the financial lives of our clients. We believe that our deep bench of financial professionals makes us the ideal firm for helping new graduates and young professionals with their unique set of needs, as well as seasoned clientele that have the luxury of focusing on estate and tax strategy, and investment performance.


We at Legacy Financial Advisors, Inc. desire to know and understand your financial objectives and then provide you with the highest quality of information, service, and products to help you pursue your goals. Our commitment to our clients is based on the relationship we form with them, both professionally and personally. We provide frequent, consistent contact with our clients to educate and inform them, so that proper decisions can be made going forth. We engage with our clients on a regular basis as a result of the numerous social events we host during the year. We offer all of our knowledge and experience to keep our clients focused on a disciplined approach to working toward their dreams. 

If you think we could help you, or simply want to discuss options, please give us a call today!